Car Safety Features Worth Investing In

Car Safety Features Worth Investing In

Everyone wants to feel safe in the car. And, fortunately, modern technology has afforded us a wide range of highly advanced safety features that can make every drive a lot less risky. However, it’s important to understand that not every safety feature thrown your way at the dealership is worth your time and money. While some are very good, others either don’t work well or just plain aren’t necessary. To ensure you select only the right safety features, check out our handy list of features that actually ARE worth the additional cost.

The Backup Camera

Backing up is dangerous business. No matter how good of a driver you are or how long you’ve been driving, it’s all too easy to accidentally back into something. And whether it’s just the garbage can or the neighbor’s cat or child, this is most definitely something you’ll want to avoid.

Fortunately, a good backup camera can help you to do just that. These cameras, as the name implies, show you what is behind you as you attempt to reverse your vehicle. Some can even sense when you’re close to an object and send you an alert as an extra safety measure.

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Adaptive Air Bags

Standard air bags have been known to save lives. Unfortunately, they have also been known to end lives or at least to severely harm those whom they impact. Air bags, when released, carry a lot of force and weight with them, and, in some cases, this force and weight can prove too much for the driver or passenger, especially when that person is very small or is a child.

Fortunately, there is a solution, known as adaptive airbags. These specialized and highly sensitive air bags have built-in sensors that allow them to detect the weight of the affected rider. And, when that rider proves to be small enough so as to potentially be injured by an airbag or in a compromised seating position, the air bags will automatically reduce the force with which they eject, potentially keeping young and/or small passengers safe and protected.

Adjustable Upper Belts

These days, people come in all shapes and sizes, and since you’re likely to accommodate a wide range of sizes in your vehicle, it’s important to have seatbelts that can do the same. As such, seatbelts that are adjustable at the top are definitely worth any costs involved. They can safely accommodate a wide range of people and adjust to fit each individual safely, securely, and comfortably, thus encouraging people of all builds to stay safe by wearing their seatbelts.

Collision Prevention

If you’ve ever been in a wreck, there’s a good chance you wished you’d had a way to detect and stop the crash before it ever happened. Well, now you can…at least if you buy a vehicle with built-in collision prevention. These specialized cars can keep you from hitting other cars or objects by sending you a warning when you’re getting closed to something. Some systems can even take over your brakes for you in a pinch.

As you can see, not all safety features are a waste of time and money. The ones presented here are definitely worth the extra cash. After all, what could be more important or worthwhile than the safety of yourself and those you love?

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