How to Make Your Fuel Go Further

How to Make Your Fuel Go Further

With the prices of petrol and diesel continuously rising, many people will be forced to spend a lot of time and money at the petrol station. But, this does not have to be the case. With a few changes in our driving habits, there is hope for us to remain within our budgets without having to sacrifice any driving time. Some of this things are really simple and you will not even have to sacrifice your comfort.


  1. Keep your Windows Up

When you are driving at medium to high speed and your windows are open, the increase in air inside your vehicle tends to increase the air resistance. What this does is that it decrease the efficiency of oil. Therefore, making you use more oil than you would with your windows kept closed.


  1. Avoid Carrying Unnecessary Luggage

The higher the weight load you carry, the higher the fuel consumption. According to Caltex, your fuel efficiency drops at least 2 percent with every 45 kgs you carry. Therefore, make effort to clean your car of the unnecessary clutter today.


  1. Pressure up Your Tires

Another way to save on fuel costs is by ensuring that your tires are fully inflated at all times. Low pressure in tires will only increase your fuel consumption as they tend to increase friction. Just invest in a pump gauge, it will be worth the while. It will help you save on fuel costs as well as tire costs. Besides, low pressure tends to make your tires wear out faster


  1. Plan Your Trips

A lot of fuel is wasted when people get lost. Therefore, it is important that you plan ahead and learn the routes that you will be using for your trips. Planning will also ensure that you avoid using unnecessarily long routes or getting stuck in traffic. It will therefore help you save on a lot of fuel.


  1. Slow Down

Avoid driving fast, unless there is dire need to. Slowing down can significantly reduce the amount of fuel your car consumes. With fast speeds, you will need to constantly change gears which only leads to the engine burning more fuel.


  1. Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your car parts on a regular basis will help you save on a lot of fuel. Ensure that you take your car for a wheel alignment service every once in a while. Having tires that are poorly tracked will not only cost you more fuel, nut it is also very dangerous for you and other passengers in the car. According to SEAT,, having your wheels properly tracked will save you approximately 10% of fuel.


  1. Change your Style of Driving

If you notice that you use up too much fuel, it might be time you changed your driving style. Start driving carefully so that you will not have to press on the accelerator often. Also, do not press too hard on the accelerator for every time you press it, more fuel is used up.


  1. Buy an Energy Efficient Car

With recent technology advances, getting a car designed to use minimal fuel will not cost you much. Go for designs that have a cruise control feature. They will help you maintain a steady speed when you are driving.

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